The EU is placing increasing emphasis on training and skills, under the umbrella of capacity building, in its mission worldwide. As part of this approach, the first security and development capacity building initiatives have been incorporated into EU missions in the Central African Republic, Mali and Somalia.
8 billion euros have been earmarked for the promotion of stability in the Sahel. Cyber security and connectivity were also promoted by launching a Global Tech Panel, which helps to agree on shared solutions to the challenges posed by technology.

The Commission’s 2018 strategy for the Western Balkans has also given a major boost to the region’s European course. Significant progress has been made towards the milestones of the Paris Accord, the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, the nuclear agreement with Iran and the UN Global Compact for Migration.
The EU has also taken a leading role in promoting free and fair trade and supporting the reform of the World Trade Organization. Engagement in the UN High Level Political Forum and the Financing for Development Forum has been a top priority and the EU has announced a renewed EU-UN partnership for development.
The DEVCO 2019 Annual Report speaks about it.