Who we are

We are a non-profit organisation engaged in international cooperation. We set up in 2020 in line with the requirements of the Third Sector Code in Italy.

Our voluntary members have been engaged for many years in europroject activity, development cooperation, technical assistance to European countries that are beneficiaries of the IPA pre-accession instrument, communication, legal assistance, and professional and university training.

What we believe in

In our experience we have become aware of the limits linked to international cooperation projects based exclusively on donation.

For this reason, we believe that in order to make the interventions sustainable over time, it is necessary to help increase the skills of self-entrepreneurship and social and collaborative entrepreneurship in the target communities.

What we want to do

We want to contribute to the realization of project in favour of communities living in situations of economic and social disadvantage.

For this reason we work to promote networking between different organizations, profit and non-profit.

We integrate ours and their expertise while optimising resources.

Sustainability of projects

We want to promote sustainable and inclusivev initiatives that are co-designing with the community and accompanied by capacity building actions aimed at local stakeholders, both public and private.

We believe in the importance of having measurable indicators in terms of the real, social and economic impact of projects.


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