The #SKILLS4JOB programme in Tanzania gets underway. Start of the TSE workshop for employees of small accommodation facilities.

In international cooperation, projects to provide vocational training for those who cannot afford it can make a difference. This is what we believe in as SEND. We want to give people living in disadvantaged situations the opportunity to develop technical skills and social entrepreneurship to enter the local labour market or to create a self-managed job opportunity, together with others, by setting up small cooperative enterprises.

We are trying this in Zanzibar with the #SKILLS4JOB programme in Tanzania. The programme targets unemployed women and young people living in the village of Jambiani, which is located in a high-growth tourist area but where there is no work for locals because they do not have the skills required by the accommodation sector. That is why we are co-designing a training course for employees of small accommodation facilities aimed at young people without a job. For this, SEND’s TSE workshop-type learning method will be implemented: learning by doing, organising itself as a transitional social enterprise. In collaboration with the local branch of @Whyodv, a small accommodation was rented out: 4 rooms with a small bar/restaurant, in a space where small events can also be organised. We have selected the first group of young people for training and are in the process of fixing up the building to be ready for use from June 2022. The structure will be called STARFISH.

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